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Altron Engineering

Altron Engineering: Paving a path for seamless and uninterrupted power supply! 

Altron Engineering is the top-rated manufacturing and supplier firm delivering exceptional products like Power stabilizers, Distribution transformers, Diesel Generators, and HT/LT panels. Our business resides in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, with a vision to eradicate any power fluctuations with our quality products. Our business thrives on client satisfaction of our crowning customers so that they are equipped with uninterrupted and seamless power supply all throughout. 

Altron Control Panel

The Power Control You Need to Drive Productivity 

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Altron Control Panel by Altron Engineering is everything you need to meet industry standards of automation. Our electrical control panel is typically like a metal box containing all the important electrical components that monitor all the mechanical processing. These customisable control panels don't rust or damage due to bad weather and other climate conditions. If you ever worry about electrical shocks, fire outbreaks, power surges, fluctuations, and expensive bills to hinder your productivity, then say no more, as our Control Panels are here to solve it all! 

Powerful specifications of Altron Control Panel

  • Easy to operate, be it at home or a manufacturing plant
  • Highly reliable with up-to-date monitoring
  • Lower maintenance
  • Customised installation as per client's needs
  • Circuit and load protection
  • Thermal management
  • Load bearing capacity


Areas where Altron Control Panels are a must to install

The application areas of Altron Control Panel is wide and allows us to an tap the power supply of many small and big industries. Here are some of the major areas where a control panel is installed. 

Our Mission

  • Widely used in Solar Power generation, pumping stations, water treatments and municipal lift stations.
  • Household and Commercial appliances
  • Electricity Board distribution system
  • Food & Beverage, Oil & gas, Manufacturing plants and Pharmaceutical industries etc.
  • Mining operations and transportation industries
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Why choose us

Why Choose Us

Why choose Altron Control Panel for regulating your power supply?

Altron Control Panel is the ultimate solution to all the power challenges that an organisation may face. This control panel automates the power regulation and keeps all the unfortunate power errors at a distance. Be it fire outbreaks or electrical shocks, our control panel regulates all of it! We have both HT and LT control panels that are flexible enough to blend with your power setting. So, what's holding you from automating your power challenges with our Altron Control Panel?

Glimpses of the phenomenal benefits of the Altron Control Panel

Ensures a centralised control of electrical circuits and equipment.

Prevent electrical accidents and reduce the risk of fire by providing overcurrent protection and monitoring electrical systems for abnormalities.

Increases energy efficiency by allowing for the optimisation and monitoring of power usage.

Improves the reliability and lifespan of electrical equipment by protecting them from power surges, short circuits, and other electrical issues.

Enhances safety by providing warning signs and alarms in the event of a fault or emergency.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the estimated delivery time for Altron Control Panel?

    The estimated delivery time for Altron Control Panel to reach the client's location is 30 days.

  • How do I know which type of control panel is right for my warehouse, LT or HT?

    Altron Engineering provides the installation of both HT and LT control panels. Our expert technician team will assess your voltage requirement before installing it and then install the required one that suits your manufacturing setting.

  • Can I get a Control Panel customised for my home?

    Yes, you can get an Altron Control Panel customised for your home and even for your office space. Our engineers and technicians are experts in custom designing control panels for various industries.

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