Altron Engineering

Building a way to make power supply accessible under budget

Altron Engineering is the top-rated supplier and buyer of power supply commodities, founded by Mr. Dhananjay Shukla in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. With a talented team of engineers and technicians, we aim to make power supply seamless and accessible across all units. We deal in exceptional quality products like Diesel generators, Power stabilizers, Power transformers, and Control Panels. We believe in bridging the long-standing power distribution gap with our quality and affordability.

Altron Diesel Generators

Viable power supply for all your temporary and permanent power generation needs

We are the leading supplier of rental Altron Diesel Generators for locations where the power grid is unavailable. Our rental generators are designed by our expert engineers with the finest raw materials. These rental generators are easy to rent because of their cost-effective rentals and installation process. Our diesel generators create less noise and are suitable for installation for all industrial and household requirements. 

Rental generator in India

Must Know applications for a rental Diesel Generator

Rental diesel generators are the most innovative way of utilising a seamless power supply at cost-effective prices. Here are all the demanding application areas for rental diesel generators-

Rental Diesel Generators are extensively used in events, construction sites, and emergencies where grid power is unavailable.

They are also used in significant production plants like Cement Plants, Rice Shellers, Paper Mills, Flour Mills, etc.

Commercial units residing in remote areas like Schools and Colleges, Hotels and Restaurants, Offices, and Residences, and others also use rental Altron diesel generators.

Some famous food processing units, beverages, and breweries also install a rental Altron Diesel Generator to save costs.

Power generator rental service in india

Stand-out features of a rental Altron Diesel Generator

  • Endless power supply for extended periods
  • Consist of a heavy industrial diesel engine
  • Creates lesser noise in comparison
  • Rechargeable full efficiency
  • Lower repair and maintenance

Why consider a rental Altron diesel generator for your production unit?

A rental Altron Diesel Generator is a feasible option for people residing in remote areas or manufacturing units residing long distances from the power distribution. These rental generators are highly reliable and save tons of expenses in buying a high-priced generator. They are easy to install and preciously utilise energy and fuel. Our rental generators produce less noise, making them a perfect addition to your households and industrial areas.

Rental diesel generator

Effective benefits of an Altron rental diesel generator

  • Contributes to overall productivity with a hassle-free power supply
  • Creates lesser noise and smoke as compared to other generators
  • Reduces depreciation expenses by 40%
  • Lower MDI and requires less maintenance, in the long run,
  • Fuel-efficient and energy efficient
  • Easy to refuel the generator when needed

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Frequently Asked Question

  • How do I determine what size Altron diesel generator I need to rent?

    If you want to determine the size of the Altron diesel generator, you should first determine the total power requirements of the devices you want to power. This can be done by adding up the wattage of each device. Once you have the total power requirements, you can choose a generator that can provide that amount of power.

  • How long can I rent an Altron diesel generator?

    You can rent an Altron diesel generator for as long as you need it. Rental periods can range from a few days to several months or even years, depending on your needs and the rental agreement.

  • Do I need any special equipment or training to operate a rental diesel generator?

    Operating rental diesel generators is simple, and most rental companies will provide you with the necessary training to operate the generator safely. However, it is important to follow all safety guidelines while operating it.

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