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Altron Engineering is the leading firm supplying and buying must-have industrial equipment like Power stabilizers, Diesel Generators, Distribution transformers, and Electrical Control Panels. We are a team of engineers with a vision to solve the power challenges of our customers with unique and innovative solutions. Our products are designed with top-notch raw materials and executed for operations with double testing by experts to ensure indefectible working!

Altron Diesel Generators

Lower noise, lower price, and lower bills; what else do you need? 

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Are you in immediate need of replacing your current diesel generator? Or are you looking to buy a cost-friendly diesel generator for your industrial plant? If this is you, then Altron used Diesel Generator is just what you need to fulfill your specific challenges! Our used diesel generators are quality tested and available to operate in good condition. They are flexible to be used in all types of production units and households, guaranteeing abundant benefits for long-term use. 

The key features of used Altron Diesel Generators

  • Fuel-efficient and energy-saving functionality
  • Lower noise and smoke as compared to other diesel generators
  • Sturdy physical appearance protecting from wear and tear
  • Hard and quality raw material installation inside the generator
  • Inbuilt cooling components to ease the operation
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The must-know application areas of Altron used diesel generators 

Diesel generators are not affordable, which is why it is common to find a used diesel generator used across many industries. Some of the main application areas are as follows-

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  • A used diesel generator is used in manufacturing units, mines, and collieries, furnace equipment, oil plants, etc.
  • They are also found in commercial buildings like schools and colleges, showrooms, hospitals and clinics, offices and residences, and hotels and restaurants.
  • A used diesel generator is widely used in households, specifically in remote areas.
  • They are also found in commercial buildings like schools and colleges, showrooms, hospitals and clinics, offices and residences, and hotels and restaurants.

Uncovering the ultimate benefits of installing a used Diesel Generator

  • Ensures seamless power supply with enhanced productivity
  • Saves the maximum cost that is expected to incur in buying a new diesel
  • Produce lesser noise and requires lower maintenance
  • Reduces MDI and depreciation by 40%
  • Good hold on resource utilisation and fuel efficiency
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Why opt for a used Altron Diesel Generator for power supply?

Altron used diesel generator is the most viable option if you are looking for a seamless power supply at cost-effective prices. They reduce the chances for downtime and idle production time when you are in dire need of the replacement of your diesel generator. Our used diesel generator ensures smooth working as they are double tested for quality by our experts. They are highly cost effective and save you big on your utility bills.

We’ve got answers

Frequently Asked Question

  • How reliable are Altron Diesel Generators?

    The used Altron diesel generators can be very reliable if they have been properly maintained and cared for. It's important to research the generator's maintenance history and undertake a thorough inspection before making a purchase.

  • How long does a used Altron Diesel Generator last?

    The lifespan of a used Altron diesel generator will depend on many factors, including the age and condition of the generator, how often it is used, and how well it is maintained. However, with proper maintenance and care, a used diesel generator can provide many years of reliable service.

  • What to look for when buying second-hand Diesel Generators?

    Before buying second-hand diesel generators from Altron Engineering, you must always check for the age, hours, and usage of the diesel, manufacturing history, physical wear and tear, and other relevant factors.

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