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Affordable Used Power Transformers With Reliable Performance

Looking to buy used transformers in India? Look no further than Altron Engineering, one of the leading used transformer suppliers in India! As a top supplier and buyer of Power transformers, Power Stabilizers, Diesel generators, and LT/HT panels, we offer innovative and cost-effective products to meet all your power supply needs. Based in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, our mission is to provide stable power solutions without wasting precious resources. Our skilled engineers and technicians work tirelessly to achieve this goal, crafting exceptional products suitable for households and industries.

Altron Used Power Transformers

Generating and Distributing Power all under your set budget 

We are the prime supplier of used Power Distribution transformers in India for facilitating electricity transmission from a primary distribution circuit to a secondary one. These used Altron power transformers are the most cost-effective way of solving your power concerns like load management, power regular, and more. As one of the leading second hand transformer dealers in India, we offer used power transformers that are tested for quality and effectiveness in working by our expert technicians. They are known to relieve you of long-standing power concerns with their stand-out features and benefits.

Features of the Altron’s used power distribution transformer that maximises its potential

  • The rating of the used transformer is 63-10,000 KVA at 11 and 33 KV.
  • Includes an automatic on/off tapping system
  • Flexible voltage levels from one circuit to another 
  • Rated frequency 50-60 Hz
  • Includes Oil forced Air forced cooling system
  • Manages power parameter levels 
Used transformer distributors in India

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Uncovering the potential areas of a used Power Transformer

Utilising the best capacity of a used power transformer is no less than a trend for industries. If you want to buy used transformers in India, here are all the demanding operational areas of a used Power Distribution Transformer:

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  • Mostly used in high-voltage step-up and high-voltage step-down electricity distribution stations.
  • Used widely in manufacturing plants, specifically the ones that are operational 24x7 at full capacity
  • Operational in plants like nuclear plants, reactors, auxiliary plants, etc. 
  • Used in production units where there is a long-distance transmission of electricity
  • Installed by all industries looking to save fixed costs, utility bills, and lower power losses.

Ultimate Perks of installing a Power Transformer from Used Transformer Suppliers in India

  • Easy to step up and down the voltage and current
  • Providing galvanic isolation with high efficiency 
  • Cost-effective and energy-efficient
  • Flexible to manage and maintain the power load
  • Quick and budget-friendly installation as compared to new ones
  • Seamless power generation, transmission, and distribution
Used power distribution transformer in india
Used transformer distributor in india


Why should you install a used Altron Power Transformer?

Altron is the one of the leading used transformer distributors in India. Our used Power distribution transformer is just what you need to save your production unit from abundant power surges and losses in a cost-effective manner. This used power transformer ensures a quality power supply along with the regulation of voltage fluctuation and power parameters. Our used power distribution transformer in India doesn’t only save money but protects the area from electrical hazards that may happen with abundant loads from the equipment. So if you are still looking for a replacement transformer under budget, end your search right here with our exclusive second hand power transformers for sale!

We’ve got answers

Frequently Asked Question

  • Are used Altron power transformers reliable?

    Yes, used Altron power transformers can be just as reliable as new ones. We are the leading used transformer distributor in India. Our used transformers are tested and inspected prior to purchase to ensure their reliability. We also provide a live demonstration of the functionality of the transformer to our buyers.

  • How do I know if a used power transformer is suitable for my application?

    You should consider factors such as the transformer's capacity, voltage rating, and type of insulation to determine if it is suitable for your specific application. Consulting with a professional electrical engineer or a transformer expert can also help you determine if a used transformer is right for you. You can rely on reputed used transformer dealers in India like Altron, for quality.

  • Can used power transformers be refurbished or repaired?

    Yes, used power transformers can be refurbished or repaired to extend their lifespan and improve performance. However, the cost and extent of refurbishment or repair will depend on the condition of the used transformer.

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